What Counts as a Conservatory?

What Counts as a Conservatory?

Here at Glassier, we provide high quality home improvements for homeowners in and around Studley and Bromsgrove. We pride ourselves on our high quality home improvements, caring customer care team and honest, transparent services.  We want all homeowners that work with us to have a home improvement they can truly trust, that will continue to deliver for years to come. However, we acknowledge that choosing the right project for your property can be pretty tricky! 

If you’re looking for extra space, increased light, panoramic views and to enjoy the outdoors year-round, you might consider having a conservatory or orangery installed. These buildings can add an extra room to your home that is perfect for a variety of needs. Orangeries and conservatories are incredibly versatile- and can be easily transformed into an entertainment space, kid’s playroom, home gym or dining area. The possibilities with your extra space are truly endless! But, sometimes, it’s hard to know whether you’re looking for a conservatory or an orangery. After all, what’s the difference? Let’s discuss the key features of each building type.

What is a Conservatory?

A conservatory is an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in a beautiful, light-filled addition to their home. In a nutshell, it’s a type of structure that combines the best of the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors, providing a unique space for relaxing and entertaining in the privacy of your own garden. 

Conservatories come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from small enclosures to large and luxurious glass rooms. They typically feature lots of windows and patio or bi-fold doors along at least one side which can be opened up to enjoy views of gardens or outdoor landscaping. 

Many people opt to place their conservatory in a sunny spot in order to benefit from warm morning and afternoon sun, while glazing options provide plenty of insulation to keep interior temperatures comfortable during cooler weather conditions. Because a conservatory can be custom-made to fit almost any home, many people use them as an extra room rather than just as an outdoor area. 

This makes them perfect for entertaining guests by creating an open but sheltered atmosphere — think living rooms, sitting areas or even second kitchen spaces. Some homeowners even choose to turn their conservatories into dedicated home gyms or games rooms where they can get some peace and quiet away from the rest of the home. 

One of the most obvious benefits of installing a conservatory is the abundance of natural light that it allows in. Glass is the best material for achieving this, which can vary in style and design to create a custom look tailored to you and your home. With even more options now available – such as self-cleaning glass and solar control properties – you can really make the most out of harnessing all that sunshine!

What is an Orangery?

When trying to elevate the style and sophistication of a garden, it might be time to look for an orangery. Orangeries are glassed-in structures that have been a featured part of European gardens for centuries. But what is an orangery, exactly? 

An orangery has a few distinct features that make it stand out from other garden enclosures. You’ll first notice the building’s glass walls and roof, that allow light to stream in while keeping rain and wind out. This feature helps enhance the naturally warm and protected environment needed for many types of plants and fruit trees, such as oranges, which is how the orangery got its name. 

The walls of an orangery are usually much higher than those of a conservatory, making it feel grand, spacious, and filled with plenty of light. The glass allows the beauty of surrounding gardens and structures to be enjoyed from within. Often constructed with solid brick or stonework below the glass level, modern orangeries also usually have doors at one end so they can be accessed from the outside.

What are the Key Differences?

When it comes to adding a beautiful glass feature to your home, many people opt for either a conservatory or an orangery – but what’s the difference? 

Function – An important difference between a conservatory and an orangery is that – traditionally – conservatories are designed to have a primary function of creating extra space in the home. Orangeries, on the other hand, tend to be built with an aesthetic purpose, as they are often used as grand entrances or stairwells – they will rarely be used as an everyday living space. 

Design – In terms of design, an orangery typically features a mixture of brickwork and uPVC or aluminium frames, with traditional glazing throughout. Conservatories tend to only use uPVC or aluminium frames, with the larger glazed areas being made up exclusively of double glazing. Another big difference is that conservatories are generally built with a single-storey design in mind (although two-storey conservatories are becoming a more popular option), whereas many orangeries will be designed as two-storey structures with open balconies and/or Juliet balconies. 

Roofing – In terms of roofing, orangeries usually have a pitched roof with flat sections and a solid roof, which can aid with temperature regulation. Conservatories typically have a flat roof, which is more simple in design and construction, but can provide less of an internal temperature control. Usage – Usability is a major factor when deciding between an orangery and a conservatory. As previously mentioned, conservatories tend to be built with extra space in mind and can be versatile when it comes to usable areas, from lounges to dining rooms and beyond. Orangeries usually provide more of a sense of grandeur, with a strong visual presence which can make them feel better suited to entertaining guests at the dinner table. However, what you use your new building for is completely your choice!

Looking For a Conservatory or Orangery?

Whilst orangeries and conservatories both provide a luxurious addition to the home, there’s no doubt that each have distinct benefits and styles. From the materials used in their construction to featured design aspects and overall function, it’s worth considering the differences between the two when it comes to making your decision.

If you’d like to have a conservatory or orangery installed, contact Glassier today. Our friendly team would love to help you make a decision that perfectly complements your home! No matter what you choose, we will provide a conservatory or orangery that’s truly built to last. Get in touch.

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