How To Choose Glass Design For Your Front Door

How To Choose Glass Design For Your Front Door

Your front door is usually the first thing people see when visiting your home – so it’s important to make the right first impression. 

However, the glass that our front door features has a massive impact on the appearance of your front door but is often forgotten about. 

It’s not always easy to choose the right glass design for your front door but if you get it right you can add some extra curb appeal to your home. 

Our team are at hand to offer some needed advice so you can make a more informed decision when choosing the right glass design for your front door and to compliment your home. Contact our team to get your front door projects underway with Glassier!

uPVC door in red with decorative glass

Glass Designs for Front Doors 

Textured glass

Falling in the middle between clear and obscure glass, textured glass offers you a balance of privacy and style. Typically, textured glass features a pattern which is impressed onto the surface of the glass. 

Available in a wide range of designs and patterns, textured glass can add extra curb appeal to your front door. 

Despite being more opaque than clear glass, textured doesn’t compromise on the amount of light that in draws in whilst providing added privacy. 

Stained glass 

Stained glass is a vibrantly coloured style of decorative glass that has been a feature in churches and cathedrals for centuries. 

In terms of front doors, stained glass has grown in popularity amongst homeowners looking for a traditional and out of the ordinary glass design. 

When paired with a wooden door, stained glass creates a vintage aesthetic that is guaranteed to catch the eye.

Clear glass 

Clear glass is the style of glass that people are most familiar with. 

For front doors, where clear glass lacks in privacy, it makes up for in a sleek and modern appeal. 

Clear glass is also perfect for maximising the amount of natural light that seeps through, creating a lighter and airier entranceway. 

Coloured glass 

If you’re looking to bring vibrancy and colour to your front door, then coloured glass is a perfect choice. 

With an array of colour choices available, you can choose one that complements the colour of your home. 

Coloured glass creates an eye-catching focal point to your front door, ideal for making a statement. 

Frosted glass 

Frosted glass is an ideal option of front door glass if privacy and versatility are of top priority. 

By obscuring images behind the glass, frosted glass is often chosen for front doors as it promotes privacy from passers-by.

Despite its appearance, frosted glass doesn’t restrict the amount of light that filters in your home, creating a light and airy space. 

Bevelled glass

Bevelled glass is one of the most popular forms of decorative glass.

 Bevelled glass is designed and cut in such a way that it creates a prismatic effect, resulting in stunning colour refraction that catches the eye. 

Turning a simple front door into a statement piece, bevelled glass has a distinct look that will turn heads. 

door with decorative glass installed in top and bottom panel

Find a door specialist 

The style of glass you choose for your front door is crucial in achieving the look and functionality you desire. 

Whether you choose the privacy of frosted glass or the quirkiness of stained glass, it is just as important to choose a front door from a trusted door installer. 

At Glassier, we are focused on delivering the highest quality service, supplying the finest quality products. 

We are founded on traditional values of honesty, integrity and value you for money, so you can be confident in any service or products we provide. 

With over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, Glassier has built a prestigious reputation across the South Midlands as a leading supplier of windows and doors. 

If you looking to transform your home with a new front door, get in touch and see what we can achieve for your home, or use our online quote builder tool to design you dream front door and receive a free quote today. 

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