Are Garden Rooms a Good Investment?

Are Garden Rooms a Good Investment?

What is a garden room?

Garden rooms are becoming an increasingly popular investment for homeowners looking to make the most of their outdoor space. With a variety of different designs, sizes, and styles available on the market, they offer an opportunity to expand living and entertaining space while adding value to the home.

At a time when there is an ever-increasing demand for extra living and workspace, garden rooms have emerged as an increasingly popular option for those looking for an exciting and cost-effective solution to expand the size of their homes without the challenges and associated costs of an extension. Generally defined as a small, freestanding structure that is added to the garden, either for use as an extra room or workspace, garden rooms are becoming an increasingly attractive option for those in need of additional living space. But are they a good investment?

Can Garden Rooms Be Flexible?

In considering whether garden rooms are a good investment, one of the primary advantages to garden rooms is their flexibility of use. As outdoor living spaces, garden rooms can be much more than just a storage space or extra room; they can be transformed into attractive studios, home offices or even cosy hideaways. In terms of cost, garden rooms need not be expensive investments. With basic designs coming in at around a few thousand pounds, they give homeowners the opportunity to expand their home’s living space at a fraction of the cost of an extension.

How Quickly Can Garden Rooms Be Assembled?

In addition to being an affordable option, garden rooms are also relatively quick and easy to build, making them a good choice for those who want to move in quickly after investing. Garden rooms also provide a great way to modernise an existing property. They can be tailored to the owner’s taste and design, and can add value to a property over time.

This makes garden rooms a good investment if you need a quick expansion to your home, regardless of what you intend to use it for.

Are Garden Rooms Practical?

In terms of practicality, garden rooms are a great solution for those with a limited or nonexistent outdoor space. Not only do they provide extra living or workspace, but they are also great for separating different activities or areas within a garden. Garden rooms also benefit from a great number of options for insulation and weatherproofing, meaning that they can be used on a year-round basis, whatever the weather.

Are Garden Rooms Cost Effective?

The cost of building a garden room can vary vastly, depending on the size, complexity, and its intended purpose. Generally, garden rooms come with added insulation to make them more energy efficient, and they can be heated through conventional or renewable sources. On top of added living space and custom designs, garden rooms also offer an opportunity to boost the value of a home. A well-constructed outdoor room can add up to 20% to the value of a property, meaning it can be an appealing and profitable choice for investors or home-flippers.

Do Garden Rooms Have Potential Drawbacks?

Garden rooms do not come without their drawbacks. Garden rooms are known to be susceptible to damp due to their outdoor location, so it is important to ensure that adequate waterproofing measures are taken. Furthermore, if the garden room is to be used year-round, adequate insulation and heating must be included in the design to ensure the temperature remains comfortable in colder months.

What Can I Use My Garden Room For?

A garden room can be used for many things depending on the size and design of the room. It can be used as an:

  • Extra living space
  • Storage Room
  • Office
  • Art Studio
  • Entertainment Room
  • Playroom
  • Home Gym
  • Guest Room 
  • Workshop

There are many uses for your new garden room, and as your interests and needs change, you can transform your garden room space for any hobby or interest. This makes garden rooms a good investment for those who want an additional versatile living space.

The Bigger Picture

To conclude, while there are a few drawbacks to consider when investing in a garden room, the potential benefits of such a structure make it an increasingly popular choice for those looking to add extra living or workspace without the traditional challenges and costs of an extension. The addition of a garden room can provide a perfect pocket of space for a home office, living area, storage or entertaining guests. This makes garden rooms a good investment for your property.

Here at Glassier, we offer multiple styles of garden room, such as our Elgar range, Housman range and our contemporary Barbourne range. Contact us today to gain further information and talk through designs with our expert staff.

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