Shining A Spotlight On Gowercroft 

Shining A Spotlight On Gowercroft 

Here at Glassier, we’ve worked with numerous experts from the world of double glazing. Since we first opened our doors back in 1982, we’ve collaborated with a wide array of building professionals and have been privileged to work alongside some highly regarded industry figures. We thought it was about time we started shining a spotlight on a few of our partners and we’re starting off with Gowercroft

If you’re not familiar with them, Gowercroft are timber window and door specialists. Our partnership stretches back several years and we’ve worked on multiple projects together. Gowercroft have consistently provided us with premium-quality wooden windows and doors and we’ve no doubt we’ll work together for a long time to come. Their windows and doors have always been popular with our customers and there are many reasons to consider them for your own home.

About Gowercroft Wooden Windows

Gowercroft started life as a comparatively small, bespoke joinery shop in Derbyshire. The company was founded by the team of Chris Madge and David Brown; entrepreneurs and woodwork enthusiasts who wanted to create the best quality timber doors and windows on the market. They started trading in 1998 and in the decades since, have grown into a nationwide supplier. 

They’ve built their name on their incredible products and have won multiple industry awards. They are constantly refining and developing their production methods and consequently, can supply high-performance windows and doors quickly and efficiently. 

Modern Wooden Windows And Doors

Wood is sometimes considered an old-fashioned material for making doors and windows. In the 21st Century, it faces stiff competition from uPVC, steel and aluminium, but don’t be fooled; wood has not had its day yet. Gowercroft’s wooden double glazed windows deliver incredible energy efficiency and have remarkably long lifespans, so they more than measure up to their modern alternatives. Wood is a natural insulator and can be relied on to reduce heat loss for a more comfortable home. 

Plus, there’s a distinctive, down-to-earth charm to wooden windows. Timber has a recognisable texture and aesthetic that gives homes a very appealing character. Gowercroft’s windows don’t just perform well, they make houses feel inherently welcoming and can do wonders for the decor. 

Double Glazing For Heritage Properties

Gowercroft windows and doors are suitable for all manner of buildings, but they are particularly useful when it comes to Heritage Properties and Conservation Areas. Finding suitable double glazing for such projects can be tricky, and Gowercroft’s windows are a perfect solution. They can be customised to match the decor of these older buildings, while simultaneously improving energy efficiency, security and value. 

In other words, if you live somewhere with very tight restrictions on what improvements you can make, we can help. Double glazing is common nowadays but there are still homes out there with cracked and draughty single glazed windows in need of an upgrade. If you’re searching for wooden replacement windows, look no further. 


Additionally, one further aspect that convinced us to partner with Gowercroft was their commitment to sustainability. At Glassier, we’re dedicated to working in the most environmentally friendly way possible and recognise our responsibility towards keeping the world green. Gowercroft shares this ethos. 

They work on the principle of ‘reuse, reduce, recycle.’ Their windows and doors are produced with ethically sourced materials and can be fully recycled once they reach the end of their lifespans. They’re an excellent choice for the eco-minded consumer and have even commissioned a study to investigate their wider impact on the natural world. 

Gowercroft And Glassier

With all this in mind, it should be clear why we’ve chosen to work with Gowercroft. Whether you’re interested in wooden casement, sash or tilting windows, or even a traditional timber door, think of Gowercroft. You’ll get pristine new fittings and what’s more, all their painted products are covered by a 10-year no-maintenance guarantee. There are no clauses or exemptions hidden in the small print, just total peace of mind. 

We’ve developed a great working relationship with Gowercroft and always enjoy collaborating with them. If you’re interested in fitting new wooden doors or windows in your home in Drakes Broughton, Upton Warren or the wider Worcestershire area, get in touch with us. You can fill in a contact request form or email us at Speak with Glassier and let’s get started on a brand-new installation together.  

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