New Year, New Home – What is the home improvement of choice in 2024?

New Year, New Home – What is the home improvement of choice in 2024?

Here at Glassier, we are excited about what trends we are going to see in 2024 within our customers’ home improvement projects! With so many home improvement options, we can understand how difficult it can be to know where to start. In this article, we are going to discuss the top home improvement choice for 2024, and how the team at Glassier are here to assist with your 2024 home upgrade plans!

Close up image of a composite door with feature glass panel

The top home improvement choice for 2024 is Composite doors.

Composite doors are highly popular due to their durable build and highly effective security assets. Composite doors supplied by Glassier are highly secure and fitted with a market-leading security system, which is perfect for homeowners who are conscious of ensuring their homes are not accessible to intruders. 

Our Composite doors are also energy efficient. With a timber core and a range of glazing options, our Composite doors are up to 17% more energy efficient than your standard front door. Investing in our Composite doors is worthwhile for long term reduced energy costs. Our composite doors are also built at 17% thicker than standard doors, which is also beneficial for energy and thermal efficiency and keeping your door airtight against draughts.

Composite doors are also hugely weatherproof. Built with a timber core and weather resistant polymer composite rails, these doors are built to withstand adverse weather conditions without cracking or bowing.

Our composite doors are also customisable to your property’s needs and your personal preference and taste. Composite doors are perfect for all properties, with different build and frame options for your specific external door needs. We also offer a wide range of colours, styles, and finishes for our composite doors, so your door can be created to match your home’s current aesthetic perfectly. Create your dream entranceway this new year with Glassier. 

Here at Glassier, we currently have an incredible DoorCo 12 Days of Christmas deal on all of our composite doors, making investing in your home budget friendly this new year.

While you are considering upgrading your home this new year, consider what other home improvement projects you could carry out in your home!

Here at Glassier, we offer a wide range of home upgrade options for your property in 2024. 

Have you been considering extending your home, but not sure what conservatory or orangery option would be best for you? Glassier offers a range of conservatories to fit your home’s space needs. Lean to conservatories are perfect for smaller or terraced houses, as their design maximises space without taking too much garden space. Lean to conservatories are also cost effective, as they are smaller to install and therefore need a lower level of maintenance. 

Victorian conservatories are also popular for their unique design. Victorian conservatories, with their steep roof space and bay windows, make for a visual spectacle for your home but also have a range of benefits. Natural light can be hugely enhanced through Victorian conservatories, and can add an airy space for your family to enjoy.

Orangeries are also a beautiful choice for your home upgrade this new year. You are able to bring the outside in with a glass orangery, and they are also thermally efficient, fitted with A++ double glazed windows. Our orangeries are also incredibly low maintenance, perfect for busy homes. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth, your orangery can be kept looking brand new and fresh for years to come. We offer our orangeries in three different styles, which can be personalised through colour and glazing options to match your home perfectly. 

Looking for an external garden room, to extend your home and raise your property value? Look no further than Glassier! We offer three styles of garden rooms. The Elgar room is built to your specifications and is easy to install in your property’s garden space without the need for planning permission. Our Elgar garden rooms are also thermally efficient with fully insulated thermowood cladding, which is also perfect for homes looking to extend with a garden room that is also soundproof, for use as a home office space.

Our Houseman range of garden rooms is hugely popular due to its incredibly versatile design, which can be developed to your home’s needs however you wish. Perfect for entertaining guests with a bar or as a family space for game nights, the Houseman range is excellent for adding property to your value. It needs a low level of maintenance to keep it looking fresh for a long time (the life span of our Houseman range garden rooms is up to 50 years!)

As a perfect way of marching your new Composite door to the rest of your home, why not upgrade your windows too? We offer a wide range of window styles, in a range of materials such as Aluminium, uPVC and Timber. Our timber windows are a beautiful window style for a traditional or heritage home, and also combine classic style with modern functionality. For low maintenance and excellent security and weatherproofing, uPVC windows would be perfect for your home upgrade. If it is low maintenance, environmentally friendly window frames you are looking for, aluminium windows are an excellent choice for your property.

We offer all of our windows in a range of styles, from traditional sliding sash windows to hugely functional tilt and turn windows, which can be installed in a wide range of properties. All of our windows are also fully customisable to your property’s needs.

Has this article sparked some inspiration for your home improvement projects this new year? Get in touch with Glassier or start your online quote today!

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