Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

A building considered to be of historic architectural interest or national importance may be listed and therefore is subject listed building controls when modifications are planned.  This is in order to protect the architectural and historic interest of these beautiful buildings.

Listed building controls are a requirement to the normal planning regulations. Additionally, listed building status can also result in the need for planning permission even where it normally wouldn't be required. Glassier are able to advise you on what specific requirements, if any, should be applied for in such circumstances.

Although legislation surrounding listed buildings may seem daunting, with time, patience and vision you can generally achieve a structure that maintains the aesthetic integrity of the listed building.

Any application submitted must contain sufficient details including a comprehensive building plan along with other drawings and technical information, so the impact of the works on the listed building can be properly assessed. Glassier will handle permissions on your behalf and will liaise with specialist consultants where deemed necessary.
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